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Children’s dentistry in Vermont South, Melbourne

When delivered with care, children’s dentistry can be a rewarding experience for your children and helps them to appreciate the importance of dental health. Regular trips to the dentist are essential for children of all ages, from 18 months onwards.

Hanover Dental Care can educate both parents and children from Vermont South, Wantirna South, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley and Burwood East in all aspects of dental care. From oral examinations to advice on preventative care and dental decay, our goal is to ensure your children’s teeth and gums stay happy and healthy.

Oral examinations

As part of our children’s dentistry services, we can carry out regular oral examinations. Your dentist will review your child’s teeth and gums and examine any dental restorations they may have previously had. Regular oral examinations help to prevent problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and other types of costly dental conditions. Hanover Dental Care recommends an oral examination once every six months to ensure your child’s teeth stay in good shape.

Good oral hygiene habits

Your child’s oral health should be a priority, even at a young age. Even babies can develop tooth decay if good oral hygiene and feeding habits aren’t practiced, so it’s vital to ensure you’re well educated. With our help, you can teach your child how to check the cleanliness of their teeth, the right brushing techniques and healthy dietary habits. With proper coaching, your child will adopt good oral hygiene as part of their daily routine.

Preventive care

Our experienced dentists and hygienists are always available to offer friendly children’s dentistry, along with professional guidance and support. We have various preventative children’s dentistry treatments available including advice on brushing and flossing, and can detect early signs of dental decay and problems. Seeking regular help from Hanover Dental Care from the age of 18 months will also help your child grow up to enjoy their time spent at our dental clinic in Vermont South.

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