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Cosmetic dentistry in Vermont South, Melbourne

At Hanover Dental Care in Vermont South, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Not only can our friendly dentists enhance the appearance of your teeth, but also improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you want us to make your teeth whiter or replace your missing teeth, our experienced dentists will discuss your options during a private consultation. The cosmetic dentistry treatments we provide are tailored to meet your needs and are carried out using the latest technology and equipment.

You can be assured that only the highest quality materials are used to ensure beautiful and long-lasting results, all at an affordable price.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Vermont South - Hanover Dental Care

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Our team of cosmetic dentists are waiting to put a wonderful smile back on your face. We have a wealth of experience with minor and extreme smile makeovers, ensuring your mouth is given the attention it deserves. You can discuss our cosmetic dentistry services, your cosmetic needs and treatment options by booking a private consultation with our qualified dentists. Hanover Dental Care looks forward to making the right changes to your teeth and smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments

Hanover Dental Care can help you to stop being embarrassed by how your teeth look and achieve the smile of your dreams. We’ve transformed the smiles of patients from Vermont South, Wantirna South, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley and Burwood East with incredible cosmetic dentistry treatments including:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • Dental crowns

Cosmetic dentistry can also have a positive effect on your dental health, and our dentists are always happy to give you advice on any of our treatment options.

Why visit a cosmetic dentist?

Compared to general dentists, cosmetic dentists are highly-trained to perform dental procedures that pertain to the overall aesthetics of your smile. A cosmetic dentist also offers more smile treatment options from preventive to restorative dentistry.

So whether you’ve a set of crooked teeth, have a tooth that needs a filling, or require a complete smile makeover, a cosmetic dentist in Vermont has what it takes to guide you toward the right treatment option.

How long does cosmetic dental treatment take?

Since every cosmetic dentistry procedure is unique, the time differs from treatment to treatment. For instance, the time taken for a crown or filling might take less than a long-term orthodontics treatment that involves teeth straightening.

In general, it takes anywhere from a few weeks to as many as 6 months to complete a cosmetic dental treatment.

How much does cosmetic dentistry in Vermont cost?

The costs of procedures for cosmetic dentistry in Vermont South vary widely across several factors. These include things like location, the expertise of the dentist and the technique used.

As your friendly cosmetic dentist in Vermont South, we at Hanover Dental Care offer high-quality yet cost effective dental services for your everyday dental needs. Whether you need dental treatment for preventive or restorative dentistry we can offer plenty of options to make your dental treatment rewarding.

Looking for a specialist in cosmetic dentistry to help you enhance your smile? Residing in or around Vermont? Our dentists at Hanover Dental Care provide a range of cosmetic dentistry services to patients living in locations like Glen Waverley, Wantirna South, Forest Hill, Mitcham, Wantirna, Burwood East, Mount Waverley, Rowville, Ferntree Gully, and Boronia.

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